Personalised Online Memorial Ideas

3 August 2020

Personalised Online memorial Ideas to celebrate your loved ones

None of us like to think about the day that someone close to us dies, and when it does happen, the shock can be overwhelming.

But knowing what to do in advance - especially if it’s an anticipated death - can help relieve stress from an already stressful situation.

Case in point, how your loved one is to be memorialised.

While a personalised memorial mightn’t be as important as organising their affairs, closing accounts and planning a funeral, its power as a coping mechanism and way of mourning means it can’t be forgotten.

If you’re short on ideas, we don’t blame you. Here are a handful of clever ways you can give an upcoming funeral, wake or memorial that personal touch...

How poetry reflects your loved ones

Poetry might not be as widespread as it once was. According to some statistics, consumption of poetry is at its lowest point ever.

If you ask us, however, that‘s actually one of the strengths of using poetry in your memorial!

You’ll have centuries of poetry to choose from for your memorial.

People have written poetry for almost as long as the written word has existed - they’ve written about all sorts of topics, including the loss of loved ones.

This gives you limitless material to express the emotions that come with losing a loved one or close friend.

Additionally, it also makes finding a poem that reflects your loved one's personality.

If the deceased was adventurous, then a free verse poem might be a suitable way of making your memorial reflect them.

Alternatively, if they had a wicked sense of humour, something like a limerick might do the trick.


A picture says a thousand words… so why not create a slideshow?

If you’re struggling to think of a way to give your loved one the send-off they deserve, why not use a slideshow or video?

The purpose of memorials such as obituaries and wakes is to celebrate the deceased’s life and keep their memory alive - photos and video are perfect for that.

Not only does this help communicate the deceased and their personality, but it’s also 100% unique - while someone else may have quoted the same poem, nobody else is going to have identical memories.

Need suggestions? Here are a couple:

  • Cover their entire life if possible

  • Give special attention to their passions

  • Think about what they were proud of and would want to share

  • Choose imagery that complements your speech (if you’re making one)

Think of it as reliving memories shared with the deceased. Reflection is an important part of the healing process.

Painting and caricature

Creating a memorial drawing of a friend

Photos and video aren’t the only unique ways you can visually memorialise your loved ones.

If the deceased was an artist of sorts, you can think about putting some of their works on display. This creates a miniature gallery that showcases everything the deceased was passionate about.

Additionally, caricatures can bring some levity to proceedings - after all, there’s no law saying that wakes, funerals and memorials need to be sombre affairs.

When using art and caricature, it’s important to think about where they’re going to be placed. Should they be printed on the program? Note cards? Or on a memorial wall?

Create an online memorial

Create an online memorial

One new form of personalised memorial that’s starting to take off is online memorials.

Taking the form of online obituaries, videos and tribute pages, online memorials are a new way of paying tribute to a loved one.

Unlike the obituaries section of the local paper, online memorials give you complete control of how your loved ones are remembered.

Family stories, funny anecdotes, and moving tributes… you have complete control over the content.

This gives you the freedom to make your memorial 100% unique.

Private memorial pages can feature pictures, videos, jokes and even links to causes that they were passionate about to honour and celebrate their lives.

Create touching, personalised memorials

Online tributes that’ll stand the test of time

The loss of a loved one or friend can be a challenging time. Memorials make that time just a little bit easier.

If you’ve decided to make online memorials part of your mourning process, Memories™ offers intuitive, customisable online tributes.

We know this situation needs to be handled with grace and tact - whether you’re looking at a simple online obituary to a dedicated web page, Memories™ guarantees:

  • Private memorial pages

  • No advertising

  • Secure, encrypted pages

  • An affordable one-off fee

  • Moderation by our staff

Make the memory of your loved ones last forever.

Create a tribute or memorial today.

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