The Benefits of Online Memorials

3 August 2020

Online Memorials - A Place to Remember Loved Ones

We all have loved ones, families, friends, partners or children who are our entire world. We love infinitely. We have a lifetime of memories with them. Some that are joyful and bring smiles to our faces, and some that bring tears. But these are memories should be saved for ever, even after our loved ones are no longer with us. These are the memories to treasure and enjoy for ourselves in quiet moments, or to share with those we care about or the next generation.

In today’s world of digital dominance, technology reliance and constant connection through social networks, it just makes sense to have an online memorial for those special people who have made their mark on our lives and who we have lost. This is a special place that you go to for quiet moments of reflection. To remember those you have loved and lost. To share with family or friends. To ensure treasured memories live on and to also encourage contributions from those in our lives now.

So why memorials? Why online memorials? And what are the benefits?

1. Online Memorials presents stories about our loved ones

I’d like to challenge you to think of one major city around the world that does not have some form of memorial at it’s centre. Knowledge of geography and history may not be my strength, but I struggle to think of a city, town, community or culture who does not have some form of memorial or a reminder of their history at its heart. Those who they have fought, those who have achieved, those we have loved and lost. This is the centre of many communities around the world, the core of community spirit and identity. Remembering the triumphs, successes, losses and turning points in our history help build the fabric of our society. They weave our shared connections and reinforce our values. Memorials support the transfer of information from generation to generation, encouraging our young ones to question and learn through storytelling.

2. Keeping memories alive

In the context of memorials being the centre of the fabric of our society and centre of our culture, it is incredibly important to keep the memories of our love ones alive. Having a history, stories, anecdotes gives our societies, families and communities a point to anchor to, helping us through hard times, grounding us in our heritage and shared values, enriching the individual social cultures we build and our connections with others. It gives ourselves as individuals and our children a connection to who we are, where we have come from, helping to shape identities and learn and grow into our futures. It helps in the healing process following loss, in keeping a small part of that special person alive, to stay with us forever. To keep them in our memory, to keep a small part of them close.

3. Connections with others and sharing

The exponential explosion of social media as a channel of communication and connection, shows the inherent and uniquely human need in ourselves, our children and our communities to connect, communicate and interact. This is particularly true for our youngsters.

Online has become a preferred channel of connection, as there are no limitations in distance, location or time. Social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram have become outlets and platforms for individuals and communities to remember and share these memories with others.

we believe in ensuring that the user has full control of what is posted online about a loved one, while also giving people the benefit of making it public and sharing via social if they choose to.

4. Safe and secure memories and announcements

Skymorials provides you a secure, safe and private space to remember your loved ones forever online memorial pages.

Online memorials pages are completely customisable to your own personal circumstances and style. It can also be shared with others on your terms, in your way, and in your own time. Once shared, your family and friends can contribute to the page, merging and sharing memories and special moments. Allowing those precious moments to be shared and built on.

Using our pages or tributes, you have complete control of your privacy settings. You can choose who can see, contribute to, or not see your memories and special messages.

5. Memory preservation

As we know memories are priceless and keeping hard copy photos or special notes, pieces of script or the like can be risky. How many times have you heard of people losing treasured memories in house fires, floods or other unfortunate incidents and accidents? Time and age can cause wear and damage to delicate pieces also. There’s no need to run this risk or entertain this worry. Protect your memories and make sure they last forever by storing them securely online on your own private page and sharing only with those people you choose to.