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Funeral streaming:
an immersive

A seamless live stream experience to connect distant loved ones

  • Branded presence: We customise the live stream video, incorporating your brand's logo for a personalised touch.
  • Seamless and reliable streaming: Ensure a smooth and consistent live stream. We handle camera setup and test a reliable internet connection for seamless streaming, capturing essential moments.
  • Dedicated local assistance and support: Funeral homes receive full assistance and technical support for a hassle-free setup, including the provision of cameras, hardware, and necessary equipment.
  • Global broadcasting and and real-time interaction: Break down geographical barriers—stream funerals worldwide. Enable interactive engagement through comments, condolences, and a virtual guest book.
  • Record and download at your convenience: Record live streams for later viewing or downloading, ensuring accessibility for those unable to attend in real-time.
  • Privacy and Security: Control who views and downloads the live stream with restricted access via provided links or credentials.
  • Ad-free: Enjoy an ad-free environment for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

How it works

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1. Set up and schedule

We handle AV equipment setup and testing for a seamless experience and can work with your existing installation.

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2. Integrate with your website

The live stream and service details can be accessed via a branded and integrated page on your website.

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3. Participate virtually

Attendees with the link can join the live stream from any location at the scheduled time, enabling a meaningful connection.

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4. Added to the memorial

Following the service, the recording is automatically added to the family's memorial to rewatch and remember their service.

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