Memories & HeavenAddress

Are joining to help keep your memorials safely online for future generations.

With 1GB of free storage

About the transition


Your memorial page on HeavenAddress will be fully operational and work exactly as it has before.

Jan-Feb 2021

We will automatically bring across all your photos, videos, messages and contributor accounts to the Memories platform.


Once complete, your HeavenAddress URL will automatically redirect to the new URL, and you will be able to login and add more memories.

Collate your family story on a visual Timeline

Share, collaborate and remember milestones.

Photo galleries

Up to 1GB videos

Ordered by date & location

Collaborate privately

Share with others or keep to yourself, with simple and easy to use privacy tools.

Choose your privacy setting

Invite close friends and family

Share memories together

Send Future Messages

Send messages to loved ones weeks, months and years into the future. It's your modern-day time capsule.

Record with photos, videos or text

Schedule the message into the future

Delivered via SMS & email

Our partners

“Welcome to Memories”

Tom Ainsworth (CEO of Memories)

I'm truly excited to welcome the HeavenAddress community, helping preserve our family legacies and memories long into the future.

A free product for everyone to use

So everyone can capture their story
  • 1 GB of storage
  • 3 Life Story Timelines
  • Future Messages
  • Personal Vault
  • Advertising free
Most Popular
For those that want more Timelines and space
Per month
  • 5 GB of storage
  • 10 Life Story Timelines
  • Future Messages
  • Personal Vault
  • Advertising free
To keep your memories alive for future generations
One-time fee
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Timelines
  • Future Messages
  • Personal Vault
  • Advertising free

No credit card required. Start capturing memories today.

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With 1GB of free storage for your Memories

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